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Point Cloud Shaper™ is a software for robust processing of huge 3D cloud data obtained using 3D laser and photo scanners. A feature of the program is the ability to do it interactively and automatically, filtering point arrays in the ways which are especially convenient when processing aerial data. Point Cloud Shaper™ enables getting of a truth information about surface topography, easily removing onground noise date, like trees, bushes, wiring etc.

Point Cloud Shaper™ is not publically distributed. If you are interested in its demo version or having intention to buy it, please contact the  support service

Latest News:

2020-06-19 New version 2.1000 of PCS is available

Two new functions have been added:
1. Output of point clouds in geographical altitude maps color encoding
2. Saving of main window layouts with further recalling them through the menu or by shortcuts

1. Format of .CFG-files has changed to realize the above fucntions
2. Some actions were moved to differen submenus of the main menu

Several minor bugs were fixed as well.

2020-06-14 New version 2.0000 of PCS is available

Major release with many changes and bugfixes:
1. Absolutely new rendering engine, using multithreaded OpenGL, makes the software usable even with office-level PCs
2. Selection engine has been changed completely, allowing to add group selectors
3. Selecting edit points is implemented
4. Multipoint operation with selectors is enabled
5. Undo/Redo work for both Slit & Slice
6. Automated selection function is realized
7. Configuration save & load function is realized
8. Macros function has been implemented
9. Shortcut assigning is made
10. Background statistics calculation
11. Language switch in the setting dialog is added

2020-02-05 New version 1.9256 of PCS is available

Minor bugfixes and changes
1. Correct packing of 32- and 64- bit versions
2. OpenGL related visualization optimization
3. Fix of authorization reset when running 32- and 64-bit versions at the same PC
4. Additional internal minor improvements

2020-01-19 New version 1.9250 of PCS is available

Major changes in the software within last one year.
1. The software has changed its name to Point Cloud Shaper
2. The new licensyng system, including this site support was implemented.
3. History of slicing slit is added, enabling undo/redo like mechainsm
4. Native file format was changed from PCH to PCS.

Minor changes:
1. Some language translations were corrected
2. Minor bugs related to slicing slit control were fixed
3. A few potential memory leaks were fixed
4. The software is now distributed in two vesions (for 32 and 64 bit Windows). 64 bit should provide better functioning due to the advantages of memory management.